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Niwa Scans, your Animanga Scansjournal

Scans from the garden

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Niwa Scans.
External Services:
  • niwa_scans@livejournal.com
Welcome, humans (or even non-humans) to Niwa Scans, niwakaame's scans journal!

What and why a scans journal, you may ask?
To put it simply, niwakaame has a strange obsession with scanning Anime/manga official art, so she thought it might be a better idea (and more accessible to people) to create a Journal only dedicated to the scans she posts (which she does not claim ownership to and will fully give out credits).

This journal is both an archive (of previously posted pictures scanned by the Niwa)


Image using policies

Taking for icons/layouts
1.I'm very happy if you want to make icons/layouts/ ANYTHING out of the images posted here. Please do :). And if there's something you're particularly proud of, you're very welcome to show it off here :D.
2.Please,please, pretty please, provide a link back to [Bad username: niwa_scans"].

Snatching to show/gallery/for later use
1.No Direct Linking. I use a free image host, however even free image hosts have bandwidth limit. So please, if you use, put in your own space or on an account of yours in a free image host.
2. If you happen to desire putting up pictures in your owngallery(as in,in your website), I'd prefer if you asked me first. Please, try not to take a full gallery too --;.As in, take more than half what's poted here --; overrall. Don't know why you'd do that,but stating this just in case. Please do link back as well.

I'll repeat it once more, I do not claim ownership of these images. They are the property of their respective artists,which I have tried to list as much as possible. All I do is the scanning. And it takes some time.Sometimes the editting, too, so I'd be happy if you linked back to niwa_scans if you ever take anything.

Galleries List
What there is now:
.Fullmetal Alchemist/ Hagane no Renkin jutsushi Hiromu Arakawa, Square Enix, TV Tokyo
.Fruits Basket Natsuki Takaya, Hakusensha
.Digimon Adventure
.Ojamajo Doremi Shizue Takanashi, Kodansha
.Shaman King Hiroyuki Takei, Shueisha, NAS-XEBEC
.Matantei Loki Ragnarök Sakura Kinoshita, Squenix
.Naruto Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha
Pending list:
.HunterxHunter Togashi Yoshihiro
.DN Angel
.Gals! Mihona Fujii, Shueisha

To find scans scanned previously(Wow,that doesn't sound redundant.) please go see the "Memories" section.
This shallst be dedicated to pinkappuccino for I still haven't put up my gallery site and this holds as a replacement =_=.

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