Me, the masochist.

Call me a masochist, a weirdo , your goddess, anything you want...
But I feel very thankful to all of you guys who have been commenting here, it was fun and enjoyable ^_^. And I felt like I did soemthing that was a tad beneficial for others. Made icons/layouts out of some of the pictures scanned here? By all means, you're very welcome to post whatever you did here (well, as a comment in fact,since this isn't a community u_u;;).

So, going back to the main topic about me and my masochism, well, hm, I thought I might just try and please everybody by doing a bit of all.

So far, here's the order of the votes:
Shaman King-->4 (ex-aequo)
Tokyo Mew Mew-->2
DN Angel-->2
Peacemaker Kurogane-->2
Get Backers-->1

I won't get all my scans of all series up, but at least I'll try to. I'll try to do all the above,or at least a bit of each. Thank you all ♥!!
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[OJAMAJO DOREMI] And also a sort of poll,please answer!

Yep, so this is the Ojamajo Doremi gallery for the day! I'll get back onto FMA today as well. This gallery is dedicated to my beloved Ojamajo Doremi fan, killcity.You know you rock, Unera mama!
I'm sorry I'm not showing more enthusiasm, I'm dead tired x_x andmydadiscomingtoday. Bleh, Mmerry Christmas to you! I'm sorry this is so small, I really thought I had more --;.

Image hosted by That's from August or September Animedia, it was in the same "sports leaflet" as the Hagaren one.
Image hosted by
This is from Decmber Animedia, each month there's a page where a characer designer of a certain series comes in and draws.
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[Digimon Adventure] TO BUSHBABY- SAMA !

Me = deader than dead. third time at writing up this post xD. So,yes, this is dedicated to you, bushbaby_sama, and that Niwa corpse you see lying on the floor as well. I intended to do Ojamajo Doremi for killcity too, today,but...This one killed me too much xD;. I didn't even scan all the Digimon stuff .
There's left-->
Some Frontier scans from Animedia.
Parents/Gennai (orange) pictures, that I'll do if someone asks me to xD;.
And,really GO SEE THE ORANGE PICTURES RIGHT AWAY!!. They're the best part.

Covers from the two first Digimon Adventure Anime Comics (in french). I wanted the one with Sora on it ;_;!
Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by

All below will be from the Digimon Adventure Memorial Book [Gakken Animedia Special]
Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by

Characters that no one cares about ! Go see the orange pictures :D
Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by
Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by


Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by
GAH. Sora has blue felt tip on her x_x. I've really mistreated that mook (had it for quite a while, now )Stupid me.

I forgot the nekkid!Gabumon ones ;_;. I'lll scan it tomorrow. And since I decided to be a nice bitch, if anyone wants re-scans, ask!
Also, the reason why the cover of the memorial Book wasn't scanned is simple: it's because they're just the same pictures as the Character pictures, except they're put together.I might scan them if anyone wants me to,though.
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Another post and run, since I have to go to school :D! Chirstmas will soon be there,s o I'm planning on making a speshul "every day a picture post" thing :D (oh so special). Have yt to reply to lots of messages,sorry^^;.

All of this is from the Artbook( THANK YOU SO MUCH AFROZA! It as a wonderful chirstmas present *_*)
Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

This is from the Perfect Guidebook :3.
Image hosted by

THIS IS FROM THE ENVY CAN! THank you soooo much killcity You know I love you:D.
Image hosted by
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[Furuba]...Three pictures -.-;

Okay sweet ones xD. Too much FMA for me there has been, so today I'm going Furuba!...I wonder if anyone'll be interested .

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Those two are from a Furuba notebook I had for free x3;. The bookstore people gave it to me :D.*worships them*

Image hosted by
This was in a pochette with various other items xD. I don't have it anymore,because I gave it to clydeside,but I was greedy enough t scan it before(Actually, I didn't know I was going to give it to her xD)

My scans are darker than I'd like them to be o_O. I have another biiig Anime-slot in waiting[from Furuba] and have the volumes (till vol.11) in French,but I don't think anyone would be interested into a specific volume cover?
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[Fullmetal Alchemist] : Groups in casual clothing.

Yep, the theme of today is all those wonderful pictures in casual (or sometimes funky xD;) clothing, simply anything that changes from the usual.

ALL IMAGES ARE VERY BIG. And, I'm rather happy with the quality :).

So, here we go!

Image hosted by
We start off with the wonderful Graduation pictures, from November Animedia!
Image hosted by
...And we continue with the second picture! Isn't it lovely?
Image hosted by
The postcard version(this one) is from August's Animedia, which also had a big version of this one as its Hagaren color pages.
Image hosted by
It had this postcard too, the picture was also the background picture for July's Animedia.
Image hosted by
This pretty child celebrates Autumn, and is from April's Animedia in a mini-calendar supplement.
Image hosted by
Now the cover of April's Animedia :).
Ah, that pretty Christmas-special Animedia Carddass Master from December Animedia...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

That's from the Little book in November's Animage :).

Rock on.
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[HAGAREN] - Military !

Hello there :D. There's probably no-one just here yet, but heck, I need a first post, so here goes :3.

The theme is "Military People from Hagaren"

Image hosted by
This one is the poster that was in May's Animage.

Image hosted by
...And that was the Shitajiki(one side) in the very same Animage.

Image hosted by
Roy poster part one, Oct. Animage.
Image hosted by
Roy Poster part deux, from October Animage.

Image hosted by
Newtype from June!

Image hosted by
Other part of the one from June's Newtype! Kimbley is the leet.

Image hosted by
Hawkeye the pretty, from October's Animedia.

All for now!
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