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[Fullmetal Alchemist] : Groups in casual clothing.

Yep, the theme of today is all those wonderful pictures in casual (or sometimes funky xD;) clothing, simply anything that changes from the usual.

ALL IMAGES ARE VERY BIG. And, I'm rather happy with the quality :).

So, here we go!

Image hosted by
We start off with the wonderful Graduation pictures, from November Animedia!
Image hosted by
...And we continue with the second picture! Isn't it lovely?
Image hosted by
The postcard version(this one) is from August's Animedia, which also had a big version of this one as its Hagaren color pages.
Image hosted by
It had this postcard too, the picture was also the background picture for July's Animedia.
Image hosted by
This pretty child celebrates Autumn, and is from April's Animedia in a mini-calendar supplement.
Image hosted by
Now the cover of April's Animedia :).
Ah, that pretty Christmas-special Animedia Carddass Master from December Animedia...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

That's from the Little book in November's Animage :).

Rock on.
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