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CHRNO CRUSADE PICTURES ! [Jun. 2nd, 2005|12:03 am]
Niwa Scans.
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Hello folks! For anyone that's still checking this LJ from time to time, I had for quite while horrid computer problems x_x. Then, I simply got lazy. Haha. I'm actually abusing the fact that some people may come here,interested in finding pictures, and instead posting personal notes about my life. Boo D: !

My birthday is in two days.

Chrno Crusade
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I've got a lot of Hagaren to post,too x_x. And some Bleach!Anime,too. And that's not ALL my Chrno Crusade x_x.

What should I make my priority?

[User Picture]From: lilacfield
2005-06-01 10:23 pm (UTC)
Bleach. *is a Bleach newbie who has just discovered the series and likes it much*
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[User Picture]From: tiara_hikari
2005-06-01 11:20 pm (UTC)
*echoes that post* Bleach is a new love for me too. But FMA!! FMA is awesome too!

And btw XD very awesome Chrno Crusade scans :)
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-02 07:35 pm (UTC)
Well, FMA, then Bleach will conclude things!
In fact,it's mainly Bleach Anime,though <_<. Happy to be of help!
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-02 07:34 pm (UTC)
Okay , Hagaren, then Bleach! Damn, I had jsut scanned a few pictures but...thank you,wonderful computer, for suddenly turning off right when I was about to save'em ^_^. I appreciate.
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[User Picture]From: kaitou_marina
2005-06-01 11:01 pm (UTC)
Depending on what you have from FMA, you should make that your priority I think :D *is craving bigger scans of some of the movie art*
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-02 07:29 pm (UTC)
Okay, I'll work on that ^_^. Though in fact, I don't have too much of the 'recent' scans,from the uber-recent Animedias/Newtypes/etc.
Ah, I have a bigger version( I think?) of hte scan you posted though ,and a few things lying here and there.

Ah, and the poster that's on the cover of Pash xD. "Adult-women only magazine", yeah right. There was nothing dirty in it D: ! Filthy little hobbits!
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[User Picture]From: angiechow
2005-06-02 12:59 am (UTC)
FMA! Hagaren! Hagane no Renkinjustsushi! Fullmetal Alchemist! Yes~!! <33 (omg movie art? that would be love and I'd shower you in nonexistant cookies.)

And yay Chrno Crusade ^O^!! Thank you so much. Aww they're all so pretty. And cute and cool and wah <3 thank you :3
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-02 07:33 pm (UTC)
Oh yey! empty-flavoured cookies :D. Dude. THAT'S something. I don't happen to have much movie art,in fact..BUT! I'll put up what I can.

Oh,yes, and thank you, angiechow for remaining here and commenting ^_^!

Haha. In fact, I don't like too much the Chrno Crusade Anime. It was jsut to help out my riend ayuamarca xD(ZOMG BLASPHEMY).

I AM happy though , to see that at least one person is like,interested in the Chrno Crusade scans xD.
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[User Picture]From: dynast_harmonia
2005-06-02 02:32 am (UTC)
..........FMA. XD

(Good grief, I'm supporting FMA in a CC community XDXD)
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-02 07:30 pm (UTC)
Ah well,no questionning on hagaren getting the majority xD.

In fact, since it was actually a real link and not an LJ-cut, you did NOT support FMA in a CC community :D. Your soul is clear of all blasphemy, child! Good gracious, I really do love that word, 'blasphemy'.
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From: swirling_chaos
2005-06-02 12:41 pm (UTC)
Hagareeeeen~! :o

And hope you have a happy birthday. ^^ How old will you be?
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-02 07:26 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, okay, I'll try working on that ^^. Though, I don't have too much of the very recent pictures, not being (and that is blasphemy, I admit) to keen and happy on the upcoming movie xD;.

Haha. I'm changing into a 15 years old idiot. Luckily enough, finally escaping the doomed age of 14!
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From: swirling_chaos
2005-06-02 09:54 pm (UTC)
Wow, you're young! *is 17 and old XD*
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-03 07:21 am (UTC)
14 is basically the 'horrible age',no xDDD? I remember 8th grade, gawd, it's THE year I rebelled the most against things @_@. 8th graders are horrible. 14 is also TEH average age of stupidity,no D:? I mean, moeoften taken as an example or a cliché (14 years old Animefans, etc...).


Bah, you're not, it's 17 years of bringing wisdom to this world!

Boohooh. I miss my 'fourteen' though :(. Well, I'm still 14 till late at night xD. I'm SURE you wanted to hear me ramble.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: swirling_chaos
2005-06-03 12:33 pm (UTC)
I don't mind, I ramble too. ^^;

I rebel in my own way, quietly and in secret. I do little things and speak my mind to others. One day, I'll be free.
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[User Picture]From: without_reason
2005-06-02 09:06 pm (UTC)
Weee~! Chrno Crusade! I should watch that someday, but my friend stole the cd with the episode and is so slow at watching them. xDD
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[User Picture]From: niwakaame
2005-06-02 09:12 pm (UTC)
*Busha-glomp* Oh, you know, it's not like you HAVE to xD. I couldn't get past episode 8, and I was actually hitting my head on hte table at each episode ever since episode 4 xD.

I must say...Even if loads of people found it great, I hated it. At first, it was nice,entertaining, but then little happy-sappy Azmonsteria found her way(luckily,she is in none of hte pictures above) and that's when the suicidal tendences started @_@. Her shrill, ANNOYING voice. And stupid comments. Every single cliché of shy,timid, low-confidence girl embodied in a whining idiot. Then,there's the cheap morals seen everywhere.

Bah, I only found one person to loathe the Chrno Crusade Anime with me,though ^^;.
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[User Picture]From: tumut
2005-06-10 04:57 pm (UTC)
i am no longer an LJ cut, for someone stole my horns..

YOU ARE SOOO EVIL! XD ebil.ebil.eeeebilll...

and yes you are a god at scanning. \^_^/ *encourages you*
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