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[HAGAREN] <--Partying up for the new year.And why isn't she dead yet?!! [Jan. 11th, 2005|10:33 pm]
Niwa Scans.
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Hahahahahahaha. You thought me dead, scum didn't you? Hahahahahahaha.

Heck. As I finally shake myself a tad and update this Livejournal, I start off with a madman laughter (Someone, lock this person here quick!) and calling the kind souls that come here (and the 59 extra-kind souls that +friended this journal) scum. I'm sorry, I really am.

So! Onto the business!(Because, heck, that's what people are interested in rather than my mindless rambles)
Today we're going all-out on Hagaren! Well, okay, I really need to do re-scans xD. But...understand me! I didn't want to butcher up my two latest Animedias so quick ;_;. The Ed badge in the newest Animedia is quite cute *pins up proudly next to Envy pins *ZOMGTHANKYOUUNERASABLE_SIN** There's also a Winry one in the Anime Mono(Mono as in "thing") Catalogue.

January Animedia
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

February Animedia
I bought this yesterday, along with the latest Hana to Yume. Anyone cares for Furuba scans (as in, color-wise too)?
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
There's also a Lights of Shambala 2-pages picture. But heck, I was too tired for that^^;.
2004 Anime Character Contest
MVP(? Marvelous Valient People?) Best category-->
1.Edward Elric (And Edo tops it off!yey!)
3.Roy Mustang(followed by Roooiiiii, as Spinny would say.)
6.Alphonse Elric (because armors are the new hip.)
Manukedatta(anyone cares to translate^^;;?) de BEST:
1.Roy Mustang (International man of misteriiiii)
8.Edward Elric( Okay, he's a bit SHORT on votes there. Yes, the bad pun was intended =D.)
2.Winry Rockbell (two words. Screw and off :D)
3.Alphonse Elric (Because cat-fetishing armors are the best.)
5.Black Hayate Gou (the military's best doggie is in competition with a mechanic and an armor. I'm proud of you, Black Hayate!)
HOT de Best (self-explanatory. As in,boiling mind/attitude):
1.Edward Elric (As hot as warm beans baby! Okay, I should stop the bad puns)
3.Roy Mustang (Even without gloves, he's still hotter than a volcano.)
5.Alphonse Elric (I told you, armors are the new trend.<3)
6.Alex Louis Armstrong (...Hot and sparkling,baby!)
Cool de best
2.Roy Mustang (Cool AND hot. Our dear Colonel defies the laws of logic science.)
6.Riza Hawkeye (Because she's the best.)
9.Edward Elric (Because he's a hot bean with a cool temper.Or the other way around.)
1.Riza Hawkeye (HA! That's all I say and I'll say it again, "HA!")
8.Lust(Who yelled RoyxRizaxLust OT3?)
9.Roy Mustang (Pwned by the Lieutenant in matters of prettiness.)
3.Lust (And once again, she rules over your socks.)
4.Winry Rockbell (And all say yey to mechanics)

I've had a few translation problems with the ones below xD. Anyone care to come to the rescue please?

Wagamama de Best (Wagamama= selfish/bad-tempered.Something like that, I think):
3.Edward Elric (Because beans are good for the health.)
6.Winry Rockbell (What the...)
Akarukatta de BEST (the most lightfull? o_O I think I'm reading tht wrong.It's the kanji for hi+tsuki
.Most positive, I guess):

1.Winry Rockbell
3.Edward Elric
Kenagedatta de BEST (Don't quite know what that means.I would assume it has something to do with kindness. Don't ask me, I only know yasashii and shinsetsuna for kindness)
1.Alphonse Elric (YEY.)
2.Winry Rockbell (Stand away, Anime Winry. My thoughts only go to the manga you.)
5.Edward Elric (Re-yey.)
Tsuyoi de BEST(the ones that are the most hard-working, that are the strongest. Damn,and it was in one of my latest tests --;):
1.Edward Elric( Okay, I've been making too many comments lately.)
8. Roy Mustang (Who's SHORT on votes now?

Oh,yes, I forgot to say. Another reason why I didn't post was that my computer went DeAd, my uncle fixed it today ,however he deleted all my cookies. Which means I can't use imagehost.org anymore. Damn.
I'm relying on ImageShack, which isn't bad, but much much more slower than my beloved ImageHost T_T.

AND TAKUYA KANBARA, YOUR DIGIMON SCANS ARE COMING! All scanned, just need to put'em up on host somewhere.

[User Picture]From: niwa_scans
2005-01-13 07:25 am (UTC)
Hoho, thank you back,here,take some love back!*hands you love* Oh,and even a hug! Man, you're being uber nice there. *happily takes the hug*
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