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[HAGAREN] <--Partying up for the new year.And why isn't she dead yet?!! [Jan. 11th, 2005|10:33 pm]
Niwa Scans.
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Hahahahahahaha. You thought me dead, scum didn't you? Hahahahahahaha.

Heck. As I finally shake myself a tad and update this Livejournal, I start off with a madman laughter (Someone, lock this person here quick!) and calling the kind souls that come here (and the 59 extra-kind souls that +friended this journal) scum. I'm sorry, I really am.

So! Onto the business!(Because, heck, that's what people are interested in rather than my mindless rambles)
Today we're going all-out on Hagaren! Well, okay, I really need to do re-scans xD. But...understand me! I didn't want to butcher up my two latest Animedias so quick ;_;. The Ed badge in the newest Animedia is quite cute *pins up proudly next to Envy pins *ZOMGTHANKYOUUNERASABLE_SIN** There's also a Winry one in the Anime Mono(Mono as in "thing") Catalogue.

January Animedia
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Pretty scans! Look for the Animedia 2004 Character ranking!Collapse )

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[User Picture]From: saya_aensland
2005-01-12 08:20 am (UTC)
The cooking pic! It's like the older kimono pic (with Ed transmuting the dragon thing), only with the parts switched! Niiice. =3


((Furthermore, you like manga!Winry more than anime!Winry. For that, I wub you.))
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[User Picture]From: niwa_scans
2005-01-12 09:53 pm (UTC)
Yep, and it screams Royai :D. It may scream Edwin too,but nobody cares about that*WHACK*. Maybe some do :P.


((Then, if you share the same thoughts on Anime!Winry, I love you a gazillion times *_*. Why did they have to Sue-tanize (Suetanize-->Satanize. I fee l inspired for horribly bad puns lately) that energetic mechanic? Ah, happy very-belated birthday by the way!))
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From: bubblefish
2005-01-12 08:56 am (UTC)
Cuteness! I got that issue today X3 I'm in love with that Edo badge XD
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: niwa_scans
2005-01-12 09:55 pm (UTC)
Much love to Animedia. Am too, wouldve liked the Roy badge even better though :P. Too bad they obviously suppresed a few stuff for it though. ARe you plannin gon gettin gthe Anime Mono cartalogue too? It costs a lot x_x. But it's funny to see about most (or all) products released on a certain series.
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[User Picture]From: tekla
2005-01-12 11:23 am (UTC)
Human!Al *dies* <3
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[User Picture]From: treesock
2005-01-12 11:45 am (UTC)

but Hughes gets no ranking love.

Do they disqualify him because he'd sweep the entire rankings? XD
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: niwa_scans
2005-01-12 09:59 pm (UTC)
I'll lookmore throroughly for Hughes, then!

Well, as a small consolation, lately he's been in Animage charater rankings (or at least from Sept/Oct to November^^;.)
Mweh, think about it positively,now you may have him al for you :D.
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From: swirling_chaos
2005-01-12 12:07 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks muchly ^__^ I really enjoyed these. Mmm, edible Ed. XD
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[User Picture]From: maliza
2005-01-12 02:32 pm (UTC)
GOOOO Riza-san!!!!!

thanks again niwa XDDD
(Reply) (Thread)
From: sherrq
2005-01-12 03:17 pm (UTC)
thankyuu so much :O!!!!!
(Reply) (Thread)
From: avianthropy
2005-01-12 04:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm taking these for possible icon-making; will credit you in the icon comments if I use them.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: niwa_scans
2005-01-12 09:22 pm (UTC)
Please do! You can even show them off here, if you desire to do so for any random reason xD.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: zrana
2005-01-12 04:36 pm (UTC)
Am I the only one who noticed how the first kimono picture (Roy cooking, Ed clappy mode pissed) echoes the new years picture with Winry and Al in the foreground popping some streamers, and Riza holding back an about to snap Roy?

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: acdragonmaster
2005-01-12 04:40 pm (UTC)
Hehe, that was my first thought, too. Especially since they *are* all wearing the same outfits.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)
[User Picture]From: deaxolff
2005-01-12 04:57 pm (UTC)
These are verrrrrry nice. Thank you Niwa-san! ^_______________^
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[User Picture]From: ensuing
2005-01-12 09:17 pm (UTC)
Yay! Pretty scans! Thanks!!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: des_akazim
2005-01-12 10:13 pm (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: celira
2005-01-12 11:53 pm (UTC)
*....fanons Riza*



*smug that Riza won in that much*
(Reply) (Thread)
From: daevilmuffin
2005-01-13 04:18 am (UTC)
These are awsome... Uhm >feels like an annoying n00b< >> where'd u get these from?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: niwa_scans
2005-01-13 07:16 am (UTC)
It's okay ^_^. As said in the user profile and in most posted topics, I get these from Japanese magazines, well, in this post to the least. The magazine I scanned here is called Animedia, but I tend to scan other Japanese magazines (Jap.Newtype, Animage), artbooks, trading cards, whatever I get my hands on, basically :P.
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[User Picture]From: ruki_elric
2005-02-05 03:45 am (UTC)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints after seeing restored!Aru*

I love you soooooo much ;o;!!!!
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