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What's this?! A CLAMP SCANLATION ?! [Jan. 3rd, 2005|11:48 pm]
Niwa Scans.
You thought me dead didn't you? Haha, well too bad for you since...I am alive! So, in a mean attempt to igore my good resolutions that revolve around "being kinder", I decided NOT to bring you MaLoki, DN Angel, Pitaten, HxH or Naruto today but....CLAMP STUFF! Yey! Clamp! Because this year it's Clamp's 15th anniversary! Yey! Throw flowers!

So, yes, I've tried out myself the annoyancefuns and joys of scanlating :D...and I bring you the first page of an extra-story from Clamp No Kiseki, or rather its french version, "Clamp Anthology."(Yep, scanlated from rench :P. Because my Japanese isn't elaborated enough and you think I'd have the money to buy the JAPANESE Clamp no Kiseki :DD?. This is a first try-out,if anyone's interested in having what's coming after then...please do tell :).

Image hosted by ImageHost.org

And, since I can't seem to be able to make a post without SCANS:
Various Clamp images from (Japanese) Newtypes
Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.org
Image hosted by ImageHost.orgImage hosted by ImageHost.org
Lookie! It looks like Kakyo and Kogane in the last image :D. looking back at Clamp artworks, they ARE recurrent.

Oh, and just a pretty S+S image that idled in Clamp Anthology :D
Image hosted by ImageHost.org
...Whoops, bed night time! Sweet dreams to all the dear souls that still linger here! I meant to post more, byut the computer's clock is screaming "Tomorrow".

[User Picture]From: heartaddiction
2005-01-03 11:16 pm (UTC)
CLAMP stuff!:O

Much luff~<33

I like the scanlation:D I've been wanting to get Clamp no Kiseki myself, but I'm always low on cash~X3

I love love love that you provide with much scannage~

I think at one point you said you'd be interested in seeing what we do with the stuff if we use it:D I'm proud to say that one of your images came in handy for a birthday banner~

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[User Picture]From: niwa_scans
2005-01-04 07:01 am (UTC)
...Hahaha xD. I can quite much identify on you with that ;_;. That was the frecnh version of Clamp no Kiseki, which I think was cheaper(but there were also the adorable chess thingies xD. Oh gosh..that plastic smell!WONDERFUL!*goes back to sniffing'em). The only reason I mangaed to buy that was because xD....Christmas!
Actually, the scanlation is a sort of "pay-back" in a positive way xD. I once said to a operson called Earth Dragon that if he wanted, I'd scanlated an extra- Clamp story called Muri Kuri, but I never got around even BUYING the thing xD;;.ZomG!!! I'm sure EVERYBODY wanted to hear about that little tale O_O.

ZomG. THE EDITTING *_*. So pretty *slams head against desk*.I send a big hug to your skills. "Otanjoubi gozai, Arex kun!". Zomfgg I CAN READ!yey.
*goes back to her coffin*
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