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Me, the masochist.

Call me a masochist, a weirdo , your goddess, anything you want...
But I feel very thankful to all of you guys who have been commenting here, it was fun and enjoyable ^_^. And I felt like I did soemthing that was a tad beneficial for others. Made icons/layouts out of some of the pictures scanned here? By all means, you're very welcome to post whatever you did here (well, as a comment in fact,since this isn't a community u_u;;).

So, going back to the main topic about me and my masochism, well, hm, I thought I might just try and please everybody by doing a bit of all.

So far, here's the order of the votes:
Shaman King-->4 (ex-aequo)
Tokyo Mew Mew-->2
DN Angel-->2
Peacemaker Kurogane-->2
Get Backers-->1

I won't get all my scans of all series up, but at least I'll try to. I'll try to do all the above,or at least a bit of each. Thank you all ♥!!
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