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[OJAMAJO DOREMI] And also a sort of poll,please answer!

Yep, so this is the Ojamajo Doremi gallery for the day! I'll get back onto FMA today as well. This gallery is dedicated to my beloved Ojamajo Doremi fan, killcity.You know you rock, Unera mama!
I'm sorry I'm not showing more enthusiasm, I'm dead tired x_x andmydadiscomingtoday. Bleh, Mmerry Christmas to you! I'm sorry this is so small, I really thought I had more --;.

Image hosted by That's from August or September Animedia, it was in the same "sports leaflet" as the Hagaren one.
Image hosted by
This is from Decmber Animedia, each month there's a page where a characer designer of a certain series comes in and draws.

Image hosted by
A summer card from August Animedia xD. Makes me cold to see Ojamajos in bathing suits.
Image hosted by
An advert for a video game from August 2003's Newtype (Japanese version, of course).
Image hosted by
Naisho picture, version one.Smaller but less text.
Image hosted by
The second version of the Naisho picture, from Animage too (April's Animage,or May?)

Yep, I don't have any poll-making abilities, but you know how it's Christmas and such,so I was thinking of proposing a few galleries and then you may vote on what you desire to see :3. Some things wont' be there, like FMA, because that's sure I'll do it.

Alphabetical order
.Azumanga Daioh
.DN Angel(Anime mainly)
.Get Backers
.Matantei Ragnarok Loki
.Peacemaker Kurogane
.Pichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid Melody
.Shaman King
.Sister Princess
.Tokyo Mew Mew(manga, Nakayosi stuff)

or various,Winter-themed?

Is there in this list something that I didn't mention and you'd like to see? Feel free to suggest, this is just a rough lst of what I'm willing to do and what I have-->I don't record everything from memory ^^;.
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